Built in NYC feature: tellic on the COVID-19 front lines

Posted by Richard Wendell on 4/28/20 11:21 AM

Built In NYC asked me how tellic is supporting COVID-19 research, and the story is featured in "5 NYC Tech Companies on the COVID-19 Front Lines, Part II."

One of tellic's core values is "do the right thing" and we are proud to see this reflected in our support for those working on COVID-19 treatments. We invite scientists to learn how AI can expedite research and register for free access to tellic graph.C19. 

Join us to make a difference: NYC-based tellic is ramping up hiring, specifically data and software engineers, and the SaaS inbound sales and marketing team. 

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Expediting COVID-19 research with AI

Posted by Richard Wendell on 4/17/20 4:53 PM

Today, as the biomedical community is exploring all options to address COVID-19, the ability to review and synthesize all available data is critical for identifying potential therapies. But this immense focus on COVID-19 is yielding a rapidly growing body of new information for scientists to read and manually curate — all in addition to the existing body of data on SARS and other coronaviruses. Reading all of the research would take thousands of hours, and finding connections between numerous entities can be daunting.

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News: Free access to tellic graph.C19 for COVID-19 research

Posted by Richard Wendell on 4/9/20 5:10 PM

Today, tellic is announcing a graph.C19 product containing data on COVID-19 and other coronaviruses to researchers at biopharma, academic institutions and non-profits. This web-accessible tool comprises over 12 million distinct connections across two million unique documents. It enables any researcher to log in and instantly access integrated knowledge from previous experience with coronaviruses, including SARS and MERS, as well as gain insights from the growing sea of biomedical data on COVID-19.   

Empire Discovery Institute contacted tellic last week to ask to use tellic graph to help their Scientific Advisory Board move faster to identify insights in COVID-19 research. “tellic graph.c19 enables our researchers to surface insights from millions of research articles in minutes. This process can take years with traditional methods,” says Martin Graham, CEO of Empire Discovery Institute. 

The release of tellic graph.C19 is a direct response to the White House call to action, which was made in partnership with the Allen Institute for AI, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology, Microsoft, and the National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health, requesting the AI community create technologies using natural language processing-a core technology used in tellic graph. This tool allows researchers to query key high-priority questions related to COVID-19, and connect the dots between findings in millions of data sources, addressing the White House’s call to action.  

“Last year, we launched the first biopharma knowledge graph that enables scientists to instantly connect the dots on insights scattered across tens of millions of documents, says Richard Wendell, tellic Founder and CEO. Today we are giving scientists a version containing all internetworked knowledge on COVID-19 because we want to do our part to fight back against this pandemic.   

Starting today, licenses will be made available on a rolling basis for three months, up to three per organization. tellic will lead a blog forum for registered researchers to share findings and research questions. Researchers working on COVID-19 are invited to register at https://info.tellic.com/tellic-graph.covid-19-registration 

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tellic graph.C19 visualizes 12 million connections between COVID-19 and related genes, drugs, phenotypes and variants.

COVID-19 researchers are invited to register


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